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About SoftMouse DB

SoftMouse DB Mouse Colony Management in the Cloud

SoftMouse, Mouse Colony Management System (CMS) is available in two versions:

  1. SoftMouse FREE: For labs and facilities on a budget.
    About SoftMouse FREE Mouse Colony Management Software

  2. SoftMouse PREMIUM: Full featured, Colony Management System. About SoftMouse PREMIUM

Iseehear™'s flagship product, SoftMouse DB™ Animal Colony Management Software, is a Cloud based mouse breeding and colony maintenance software program that is ideally designed for academic researchers, animal technicians and laboratory clusters, to allow them to increase efficiency and productivity in the management of their mouselines, cages and mouse related experiments.

Making Mouse Colony Management Easier.

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   SoftMouse DB Key Benefits

    Iseehear™'s subscribers find that SoftMouse DB™ has helped them to save time spent on maintaining error-prone, paper-based recording systems previously in use.

    SoftMouse DB™ can also help reduce daily, monthly, yearly mouse costs by keeping an up-to-date inventory of your colony with exact numbers of active mice and cages.

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  SoftMouse DB Key Features

    • Track single mouse ancestry, genetic history and relationships
    • Easily tag and assign genotypes to new mice and litters
    • Manage breeding strategies including multiple breeder-crosses and cross-fostering
    • Create timed-pregnancy matings and embryonic litter records
    • Quickly wean multiple litter and distribute to new cages
    • Schedule alerts for timed activities such as weaning and plug date tracking
    • Organize mice into experimental groups based on customizable categorization
    • Filter large sets of mouse, breeding, litter or cage data to quickly find records of interest
    • Export data in spreadsheet format or print to PDF format
    • Multi-user capability allows sharing of mouse records at view and edit level to facilitate communication between researchers and animal health technicians

    In addition, SoftMouse DB Mouse Colony Management is...

    1. Designed to minimize data entry so as to allow scientists to focus on their research
    2. Accessible from web-linked device, including laptops, iPads and tablet PCs
    3. Continuously being improved based on user feedback and suggestions
    4. Supported by a dedicated team available to provide assistance when needed

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  Free Customer Support Services

    With an annual SoftMouse DB subscription, you will receive the following customer support services at no additional cost, in addition to access to the complete SoftMouse DB colony management functionality.

    Service: Description:
    General Cost Benefits No hardware costs, No additional IT staff costs, No maintenance costs, No license audit costs for the client.
    Security 128-bit encryption (SSL), which encrypts all data being transmitted over the Internet
    The application and database are hosted at IseehearDB™'s state of the art secure data center
    One-click Personal Back up One-click data export to Spreadsheet and PDF from within SoftMouse DB is available
    User Feedback Feedback button is located on the application interface. User feedback and requirements are welcomed and encouraged for further tailoring of SoftMouseDB
    Data Storage 1 gigabyte (GB) of Data Storage
    Remote Back up Data is automatically backed up at a secure secondary location once a day
    Customer Support The Iseehear™ Support team is available to you by e-mail and telephone to answer any technical, functional and general questions you may have
    Easy access to Support Desk and Trouble Ticket buttons located on the application interface
    System Monitoring, Maintenance and Application Upgrade The Iseehear™ Support Team will monitor the system, perform all system maintenance and application upgrades
    BONUS!!! Access to the Iseehear™ Early Adopter Program, which gives our subscribers the ability to test out new features before commercial release and submit feedback for new feature requests and new functionality

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  SoftMouse DB Plans & Pricing

SoftMouse FREE Trial

The 30 DAY FREE TRIAL allows researchers to evaluate the usefulness and benefits of SoftMouse DB.

  • No Set Up Fees
  • No Implementation Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Upgrade Fees
Access your research AnyWhere - AnyTime - AnyDevice
Secure, Internet, Cloud and Mobile Colony Management System

Find out how SoftMouse can help you manage your research and experimental data management needs and requirements:

Simply go to www.softmouse.net and the system will auto detect your screen size to ensure it shows you to corresponding interface.

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Join the growing global community of academic labs, biotech and pharma companies using SoftMouse Colony Management System!

Here are a few of the institutions currently experiencing the benefits of SoftMouse.

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