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Capture, Identify, Clean duplicate and erroneous spreadsheet data entries and then import your data into the SoftMouse Database for increased accuracy and efficiency.
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  About Simple Data Import

The SoftMouse Data Import and Data Standardization Tool improves the research process, saves on hours of data entry time by directly importing mouselines, mice, matings, litters and cages - including all hereditary relationships between mice - straight into the SoftMouse DB Mouse Colony Management Software Database.

The goal for Iseehear's SoftMouse Data Import and Data Standardization Tools is for the capture, cleansing (identifying duplicate data entries) and import of customer's legacy data from their spreadsheet(s) or an existing mouse colony database application into the SoftMouse DB Mouse Colony Management Software Database.

If you would like to import your mouse colony data from a spreadsheet or from an existing mouse colony database application and upgrade into SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Management Database:

NOTE: If your colony data is in a non-editable PDF file or a digital scan (of hand writing), please contact us for a data import quote.

Please contact us for more information on this process

  Step 1: EMAIL US your colony data

  • You will need to send us your latest complete Excel spread sheets.
  • FREE Data Importing into your SoftMouseDB FREE TRIAL account
  • In order to properly evaluate the benefits of SoftMouseDB in your environment, we can easily import a subset of your data to quickly get you started on the trial. 

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  • Your designated representative on the SoftMouse Data Import Team will begin to analyze your data and provide a Data Synopsis.
  • A brief report is prepared and then e-mailed to you.

  Step 3: OPTIMIZE

  • You and your SoftMouse Data Import Team representative will go through a question and answer session (emails and phone) to confirm and ensure that your data is imported correctly.


  • Your data will be uploaded into a SoftMouse test account and you will be provided with access.
  • You / your group will browse through your data on the SoftMouse test site and let us know if there are any changes we need to make to the data being imported.

  Step 5: ACCESS AND VISUALIZE: your colony data

  • We will complete the final import of your data into the live SoftMouse Mouse Colony Database.
  • We will send you your access information once this step is complete and you will be all set to manage your colony data using the SoftMouse Mouse Colony Database!

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