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Iseehear Security Overview

Iseehear Information Security Management policies were established in order to protect our subscriber's Data, Intellectual Property, Privacy, as well as address Iseehear's IT Security, Risk Management, Research Continuity and Support Services.

All Iseehear cloud applications are supported by a robust Information Security Management and Data Governance structure that addresses Iseehear's application and IT infrastructure security, risk management policies, disaster recovery policies and research continuity policies.

The security, compliance and research continuity features included with all SoftMouse subscriptions:

  • 128 bit Secure-Socket Layer (SSL) encryption of all client data transmitted over the network, including username and passwords. Learn more
  • 256-bit encryption of all customer data at rest within Iseehear's databases.
  • Malware surveillance is run on a daily basis on the https://www.SoftMouse.NET website.
  • Cloud system redundancy, disaster recovery and research continuity plans are tested regularly.

Please navigate through the menus of this website for an overview of Iseehear Inc. Information Security Management documents supporting the delivery of the SoftMouseDB Mouse Colony Management Internet Cloud service.

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