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Laboratory Cloud Hub Automation Facilitating Digital Transformation (LabChat)

Virtual platform for laboratory management, scientific data sharing and experiment collaboration

LabChat is the most effective tool for secure collobaration between key research personnel irrespective of their geographic location.

Labchat support the essential activities in scientific data management which involves timely data sharing between key research labratory and facility personnel.

  • Streamline your task management and communication with the LabChat Automation Module!
  • The LabChat Automation module can be used by individual users as a personal to-do list and by breeding cores and facilities as a service request management tool, and anything in between.
  • Beta test Phase One (1) will feature Request Management
  • To sign up for Beta testing of the LabChat Automation module registration here
  • Note: Beta testers are limitted to existing Iseehear Life Inc. Sciences subscribers

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